On the Move

June 26, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Good news for Dodger fans: Doctors were finally able to dislodge Grady Little's head from his ass. Nomar is moving back to 3rd, replacing the hapless Wilson Betemit and clearing the way for wunderkind James Loney at 1st.

How did each player respond?

Loney came up as a ph & tripled home two runs (the Nomar move takes effect later this week).

Betemit came up as a ph & hit a homer raising his batting average to .198.

Nomar went 0-5.

The Free James Loney movement is hereby declared a rousing success. Now I can redouble my efforts to get Hong Chih-Kuo deported.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, LA beat Arizona which was no surprise with Big Brad Penny on the mound. The Dodgers are 14-2 against Arizona when he starts. The Dodgers' offense got kick started tonight when Brad Penny, smarting from being hit by a pitch, slid hard into Orlando Hudson at 2nd. Good times...