A Tale of Two Beards

June 29, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

On July 6th, I face a quandary. My wife wants to see one of her favorite bearded bands, The Black Crowes, who are playing for free at the Taste of Chicago. That same night my favorite bearded comedian, Zach Galifianakis, is playing at the Vic Theatre, for a meager $20 fee. Keeping in mind that we have never seen either act live before and that money is not an issue, as I have loads and loads of it, who do we go see? My argument to the wife is twofold:

1) The Black Crowes 'ain't the same' since Chris Robinson's (aka, Jesus of Nazareth) muse left him for Owen Wilson.

2) The Taste of Chicago is populated by sweaty, obese tourists. The Vic Theatre on the other hand will be populated by people much hipper than us, and we may learn something from them.

Here are samples of each artist's respective works. Decisions, decisions.
Zach #1