Jazz Domination Update

February 14, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

We've come to the NBA's All Star Break and the Utah Jazz are on a roll winning 12 of 13. This is of course your first Jazz Domination Update of the 07/08 season, but since the NBA doesn't really get interesting until this time of year there wasn't much point.

With all the hoopla over Shaq, Pau Gasshole, and Jason Kidd, you may have forgotten the earlier trade Utah pulled off of Giricek for Kyle Korver. Korver has been a solid addition to the Jazz and in the area it matters most, they're 18-3 since that trade. Kidd and Shaq are both washed up. The only deal that concerns me in the slightest is Pau Gasshole going to the Lakers. They basically traded a box of last weeks bagels for him. Fuck you Memphis. Fortunately, since he's good, Kobe "Summer's Eve" Bryant will eventually butt heads with him and drive him out of town.

Then there's AK47. As you may recall, Kirilenko was designated a
person of interest after espousing his desire to be traded on a Russian blog. Well, you haven't heard much from him since. There is still the occasional trade rumor popping up, but they're usually bogus like the Ben Wallace for AK47 rumor coming out of Chicago. Wishful thinking Bulls fans.

On a final note, you may not have heard, since the sports media largely ignores the Jazz, but C-Booze put up his first career triple double against the Sonics last night.