Like a phoenix from the ashes...

February 08, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Bored senseless, unable to write about a particularly impressive winning streak by one of my teams because of this cursed TMS Vacation, and inspired by the Game Genie post, the Nintendo came out.

The Nintendo has been running strong for nearly two decades. The odds are 50/50 this thing will outlast me as I fully expect to die of a stress induced heart attack on the 405 by the age of 35. Sure you have to blow on the cartridge and that fucking flashing screen appears more than it did back in my Jr High days, but it still works damn it. I needn't suffer the indignity of playing NES games on one of these "emulators".

The best game ever invented by man is Tetris. Thank you Soviet Russia. Created by Alexey Pajitnov undoubtedly as part of a Communist plot to drive Americans insane, this game has been taken so seriously by some people as to be the subject of their thesis. The "Tetris Effect" where you continue to see these fucking blocks fall long after you shut the game off has been examined by scientists. Tetris is the crack of video games and I'm a crack baby.

Combining old and new technology, I can now drive myself mad by playing Tetris in HD:

My first game after a long layoff (its been well over a year I think) was a mixed bag. I got to 156 lines, but had a relatively poor showing points wise. I didn't even get St. Basil's Cathedral to take off. Subsequent games produced better results in terms of both points and lines.