Books, books, books

April 09, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Anonymous

Yeah, so welcome to a nice, easy, phoned-in post based on a random email thread meme!

There's a little baseball in here, but not a whole lot. Just be forewarned.

So I got a new job recently, and I work around books all day. It's excellent, and I enjoy it greatly. I get to read a lot, have a lot of meetings, and generally spend my days talking about books. Control your excitement, I know this is bordering on enthusiasm. So, the other day I'm running between floors, and I get on the elevator to see Daryl "fucking" Strawberry and his agent.

I was initially overcome with two thoughts: one, holy fucking shit, it's Daryl Strawberry! The second was more brutally honest: what the fuck does Daryl Strawberry have to write a book about? I mean, I understand his story, it's been on ESPN and Wikipedia and the eBays before, so what mysteries are left to be unraveled? What could he not be telling us?

Anyway, so this minor, minor celebrity sighting was spilled into the email thread, and begat a whole host of other athletes who should do books.

Behold my cut-and-paste skills!

Fred McGriff: The Crime Dog Dishes on Dopers, Batboys, Blue Jays and Those Instructional Videos that Won't Die
Waste of Tallness: The Shawn Bradley Story
Red Headed Stepchild: The Matt Murton Story
Lenny Dykstra Wants You to Fuck Off

How to throw chairs at women and alienate your bullpen staff - Frank Francisco
Everybody Poops (in a girl's hamper at college) - Najeh Davenport
One Timeout Too Many - Chris Webber
I Did It, Now Read My Shit: The Barry Bonds Story
JEEEEZZZZZ: The Ron Santo Story

Yes, I Do In Fact Believe This Crazy Shit - Darren Daulton
How NOT to Drive Drunk" - Eddie Sutton. Foreword by Tony LaRussa
Trust me, that's just water - Moises Alou
Rickey on Rickey: The Rickey Henderson Story, as told by Rickey Henderson. Foreword by John Olerud

Counting to Ten - Travis Henry
Loyalty is Not a Virtue - Larry Brown
Unfinished Steve Trachsel Project - Steve Trachsel
Slow and average wins the race: The Legend of Jon Lieber
Loyalty is REALLY Not a Virtue - by Roger Clemens

This Book Doesn't Care About White People Either - Isiah Thomas
War and Peace - Jaime Moyer
Can I Keep My Signing Bonus? Short stories from the slackass big men of the NBA
JESUS!" - The 2007 Colorado Rockies
Aww Shit...You Know - Dwight Smith

Pass the A-1: The Tommy Buzanis Story
RAW: How I like my steak, my women, my life - Thomas Buzanis
Whoops - Jim Leyritz. Foreword by Leonard Little
Yachting Made Easy - Bison Dele
What Happened While I Was Gone? - Shaun Alexander

Paving the Way with my Head and Neck - Mike Alstott
Building a Strong Core - Matt Leinart. Foreword by Phil Mickelson
The Joy of Raw Dogging Groupies - Shawn Kemp
Wow, we're gonna fucking blow this - The Chicago Cubs