Thunder Matt Turns 2!

April 26, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Today is Thunder Matt's Saloon's second birthday! As part of the celebration, take a look back at some of the finer moments of the last 2 years.

The very first post in Thunder Matt's Saloon history.

The first post by our fearless leader, Mr. Chip Wesley.

The Gov's first post where he informs us that Jonathan Broxton is nothing but a less-gay version of Kyle Farnsworth.

Chaims first post. Apparently, he's a MLB stalker/groupie.

A general rundown of the principles the Saloon was founded on.

The Saloon's very first War Criminal: Nomar Garciaparra. All Nomar did in retaliation was sign with the Dodgers and...get hurt a lot

Our very first Realm of Red: David Caruso, a dead ringer for The Gov.

A great day in Cubs history. The only thing Michael Barret was good for was punching White Sox. That's good enough for me.

The first Bartender banter. How exciting was it? It was titled "Crickets".

Remember the Fantasy Hurricane League? Neither does anyone else. A rare misstep for the Saloon.

One time, Brant Brown tried to listen to Colin Cowherd for a week...but he'd never let Colin take care of his cat.

The awesome All 80's Team series begins

The first edition of Chaiming In. This piece needs to make a comeback.

The inaugural Mile High Minute, which somehow involves the Arizona Cardinals now?

The Governor's very first press conference. Never has the news been so much fun.

The first Brant's Rant. Anyone that's been to the Saloon knows that there are many...many...many where that came from. He also hates DVD's and Ken.

Our first ever War Hero: Freddie Mercury. This is one of the pieces on the site that we all respect and still brings a tear to our eyes.

Our 200th post! Yay?

The first annual Rick Astley Awards. I don't believe I'm alone in saying that these need to come back. Now.

The first post by the now missing Martin Gramatica. I'd say maybe he found a job kicking in the NFL again, but we all know that's not true.

The awesome debut of Thundersim 2000.

Truly one of the high points in the history of the Saloon, the unforgettable Cubs Media Social. Awww know.

It's never a bad time to take a stroll through Thunder's Trophy Room. NOTE: Murton OWNS Aaron Harang.

The debut of the often controversial and downright hilarious Ronald McDonald Fantasy Baseball tips.

The first Thunder Matt Movie Minute.

What ever happened to the weekly Gracies and Neifis?

TMS' first birthday!

Who is Tommy Buzanis?

Brant Brown left for Russia once. I blame Ken.

First Wrigleyville Bar Project. Yes, we are all alcoholics.

The first You Make The Call.

The glorious debut of the one and only Ken (aka Dave Thomas). He's not a Silver Bullet man.

My first post. It sucked.

The Hundley's first post. Much better than mine.

Our first Wrigley Roundtable. Why are these not more popular?

The first Overrated and Underrated.

The perfect post: Julio Franco's War Hero.

The only post by Tommy Buzanis. Here's where we picked the theme song for the 2007 Cubs.

Our first Cubs of Yore.

Man, did this Overrated: Lunch piece get us talking around the Saloon. The discussion lasted for days on end. The effects are still being felt.

Our first Monday Afternoon Hangover. Mel Gibson is nowhere to be found!

The ill-fated first installment of OJ Simpson's Low Down Dirty Shame. It seemed like a great idea, but when we did them, the Cubs actually played worse, and the Brewers played better. The curse of OJ?

This post about How To Waste A Lunchbreak sparked an uproar from the fans of Billy Boyd. What about Beecake?

How much controversy surrounded the Overrated: Condiments piece?

Apparently not as much as the Overrated/Underrated: English Things post. This was also LB's debut.

You may be wondering why this Max "Chris" Fonticito has disappeared. We're wondering the same thing.

The Mustache Diaries: TMS' classy peak.

The first ever TMS Man of The Year: Manute Bol.

First ever TMS Bookworm post. We can read too!

In case of emergency, break glass.

I'll take any chance I can get to pull up this post about ski masks, the highlight of the first TMS vacation.

The unprecedented Super Tuesday Drunk Blog.


The birth of Steve Finley Was Here. Go read it!

We love Paul Sullivan. A lot.

The Thunder Matt's Saloon Death League. Yes, we do want to go to Hell. Why do you ask?

So knock a few back this weekend while pretending you care about the NFL Draft (Yeah, I'm going there). But remember that TMS is only 2, so if you say you love us, you may be a pedophile. Even in dog years, that's only 14. Perv.