Rock Of Love 2: Finale

April 14, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Another season of Rock of Love is in the books. It may be too early to tell, but I think this season wasn't as strong as the one before it. Maybe it's just me, but most of the girls in season 2 seemed like weaker imitations of the girls from season 1. Peyton was just a cheap Rodeo knock-off. Kristy Joe was made out to me the new Lacie. The weird looking French chick was a clone of the girl who got kicked out of the house in season 1 that talked her way back in and got black-out drunk. I just felt like I'd seen it all before.

That being said, there were some good moments in season 2. Here's a quick and dirty (like Chaim's mom) review of my likes and dislikes:

Things That Continue To Rock My World:

  • Bret Michaels' extremely limited vocabulary: I know I've mentioned this in the past, but I just can't help it. I had an idea for a drinking game where you would drink every time Bret says "connection", "awesome", "rocks" and "amazing", but anyone that played would slip into an alcoholic coma within 20 minutes of the first episode. So I thought you could narrow it down to just "awesome". Nope...still dead. I really think they took the clips of Bret talking into the camera in season 1 and reused about 85% of them in season 2.
  • Ummm...gross: After going most of 2 seasons without ever being shown without a hat or a bandanna, there were many gratuitous bare hair shots of Bret over the final 3 weeks. It seemed to me like a blatant attempt to dispel all of the "Bret wears a wig" rumors. It's like Bret read all the rumors on the internet and said to himself "I'll show them!"
  • FIGHT!!!: The possibility of the first reality show death this coming Sunday on the reunion show. Did anyone else catch the promo they showed for it? It looks like Heather and Daisy get into a fight! Plus, is Bret seeing Ambre still, or are the internet rumors about him living with Kristy Joe true?
The Following Things Are "Not Awesome"

  • I just threw up in my mouth...: Remember last season's finale where Heather passed by Jes on her way back from sleeping with Bret and she said something to the effect of "Can you still smell him on me?" I didn't think anything could ever get dirtier and more disgusting than that. I was waaaaay wrong. How many other people had to turn away and suppress the urge to vomit when Ambre, wanting to show how "sexy" she could be, flashed her lady parts at Bret, not once, but TWICE?!??!??!? She did it once (in the middle of dinner, mind you), and Bret paused, asked for another show, and got it!
  • What a cut up: I caught a few minutes of the "Deleted scenes" half-hour special they ran. They talked about Bret's love of Ambre's abs, and Destiney said something about how after that, Ambre cut off the bottom of most of her shirts to show it off. And sure enough, Ambre arrived in Mexico last night with a midriff. What a weirdo.
  • Again...vomit: At their first group dinner in Mexico last night, Ambre made out with Bret. For the rest of the conversation and dinner, Ambre clearly had Bret's spit all over her top lip. AND SHE LEFT IT THERE! Sick!!!
Hopefully this is the last season with Bret Michaels. If they do another Rock of Love, I think they need a new rock star. I'd personally like to see David Lee Roth. Carrot Top, while not a rocker, would work too. He's got the same eye-liner/face lift thing going on that Bret does.