The Gist, Game #19

April 21, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Hi-Yo! Check Please!

Men in Blue 7, Team Associated With Coked-Up 80's Debauchery 1

Holy cow, what a win. Great game. Something about seeing the Cubs on National TV always gets me pumped up, even if it is ESPN. The Cubs did not disappoint on the national stage, proving that they can play with the big boys and that they're more than just the Pirates daddy.

Fat Z was on his game again. Let me put this in writing, yet again. If healthy, this horse will win the Cy Young. As the announcers remarked (It was so refreshing to listen to ESPN announcers not named Joe Morgan), he looks as if he's harnessed all of his emotions this year and is a 'good excitable' rather than just 'caffeine addled hyper'. Must be the bananas.

Leading 2-1 in the 8th, the Cubs loaded the bases only to see DeRosa and Soto go down on strikes. It looked like we'd be nursing a 1 run lead heading into the 9th, until Ronny Cedeno, after a great at bat, lined a base hit up the middle, plating two.

Ronny has been much maligned (for good reason) by Cubs fans, but I was thinking just yesterday that I've actually been pretty impressed with his play this year. He seems much more relaxed at the plate this season and it seems like every time he goes up there now he battles. He's no longer an automatic out. I feel like his presence on the roster is completely justified.

Speaking of automatic outs, up next steps Felix Pie. Boom! 3-run donkey. Are you kidding me? I love that no one looked happier for the kid than Sweet Lou in the dugout. Felix was grinning like a 4 year-old Chaim Witz when he was given a Dukes of Hazzard birthday cake. It's not too late for the boy to turn it around. I would love to see him turn the corner, as if he were good, he would be like an infinitely more likable version of Soriano. Even my wife aptly commented tonight, "he seems like he'd be funny." And that's all we can ask for in a ballplayer in this post-9/11 society.

Can you feel it? This is gonna be a good year. It's got a certain mojo and aura that's hard to classify. The scary thing is, we're gonna get better. Rich Hill and Ted Lilly have no where to go but up, and once they get on track...well, I don't know if a Cubs team has ever qualified as being scary, but dammit if we're not getting pretty close.

Go Cubs!