The Gist: Game #13

April 15, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Lucky number 13.

This is gonna be short and sweet (like Chaim's mom). I spent too much time on my shitty Photoshop job gracing this post and not enough time typing something worthwhile. So in classic sell-out fashion I'm busting out the bullet points.
  • Soriano gets hurt before he even gets to bat. Awesome. I'd rather he just hit the DL instead of having him gimp around with a "nagging injury". Such a stint would allow two key things to happen:
    1. Thunder Matt will get to come up from Des Moines and kick some ass for a couple weeks.
    2. Lou can find a proper leadoff man and hopefully keep them in that spot once Soriano comes back. Sorry Alfie, but you need to be batting 5th.
  • Felix Pie, million dollar glove, ten cent bat. (sigh) We have to keep telling ourselves he's still got time, he's still got time, he's not Corey Patterson 2.0.
  • Derrek Lee, bigger than Jesus.
  • Kerry Wood looked sharp. That's a little reassuring since he was as shaky as Michael J. Fox on four espresso's in his last outing.
  • I don't know for sure, but I think Lou's exact words coming out of the dugout to relieve Michael Weurtz were "What the duck?" At least he yanked him after surrendering a homer and a walk on 5 pitches. Dusty would've sat there with a blank stare as the game unraveled before our eyes.
  • Speaking of Dusty, it was nice to see him take the loss tonight. I could type some more using all sorts of expletives, but I'll refrain.....for now.
  • Corey Patterson, still not very good.
  • Sand volleyball star Misty May sung the 7th inning stretch. Apparently she's married to Marlins catcher Matt Treanor. Note to self: if current job doesn't work out, try to become journeyman catcher.

That's all for now. Rockies in 6!