The Gist, Game #14

April 17, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Red Stockings 9, Baby Bears 2

This one pretty much sucked from the get go. Dusty Baker gives veteran stalwart Scott Hatteberg a rare day off in favor of the unproven and undeserving Joey Votto and what happens? Votto socks a home run and drives in five. Surely it was a aberration and Hatteberg will be placed back into the starting lineup post haste.

In other news, which at this point qualifies as old news, Ted Lilly got rocked. I foretold of this man's downfall before the season and my wisdom has been shown to be beyond reproach every fifth day when he takes the mound. Then Jan Lieber came in and immediately got donkey punched by Ken Griffey Jr.'s 1989 Upper Deck rookie card. Dang it Jim!

The only bright spots for the Cubs was that Reed Johnson and Mark DeRosa reached base a combined 8 times. Alas, out of those 8 times, they only scored a combined one run. Edison Volquez was, as they say, effectively wild.

Nice little side note. Mike Fontenot, who the Cubs decided could play second base full time (with DeRosa in left) while Soriano is out, thus negating the need to call up Thunder...yeah, he was 0-5 with 7 runners stranded.

I'm finished.