Americas Gay Cowboy Sweethearts Divorce

August 11, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

Oh they just look so young...

Its over. Americas romance with its first openly gay, NASCAR and redneck friendly country musicians is over. Brooks and Dunn called it quits after they almost made it to their Commemorative China Plate anniversary.

Today is a sad day indeed.

So now I’m going to drink a little whiskey under a bridge to almost 20 years of 10 gallon hats, guitar jammin', and pickin' that set Brooks and Dunn apart from the rest of the country singers out there. But first lets reminisce on some of the great B&D moments:

1991: Boot Scootin’ Boogey

This is the song that moved Brooks and Dunn into the spotlight. The square dance number was so hip that little 5 year old me did a dance to it. It forever changed my life, and to this day it is still heard at our tailgates for football.

1993: Corn Flakes Race Car

Back in the 90’s it was perfectly legit for your face to be on boxes (remember Jordan on Wheaties? Oh the good ol’ days) and B&D were on the Corn Flakes box with little toy NASCAR models. Being 7 I just had to have it, so I saved UPC’s and mailed in for it only a few weeks later (this is back in the day when they didn’t give toys away... you had to work for them). In fact, I think I still have this car in my toy car box from my childhood, but sadly I can’t find it.

NASCAR Fans around the world are also mourning their loss today

1994-96: The Golden Years

B&D released two of their most commercially successful albums to date: Waitin' on Sundown and Borderline. The two albums combined fielded 9 singles that broke the top 10 in the Country ranking, making them one of the most popular country groups of the decade.

1997-2002: Decline and Comeback

After their Greatest Hits 1 in 1997 they released a couple of albums that were mediocrely successful, and it wasn’t until 2002 that the Ambiguously Gay Duo of B&D stormed back like Batman and Robin to retake the charts with their Red Dirt Road Album that became number one with several singles

2003-2009: Riding the Success to Break up

In 2007 they released their 10th album and toured around the nation in support of it. It was also very successful. Then almost as suddenly as Brooks and Dunn came on to the scene they announced that they will no longer be together after they complete their 2010 tour.

2010+: The Future?

Maybe they aren’t hanging up their 10 gallon hats just yet, but whats next for Brooks and what’s next for Dunn? I just hope I don’t see them on a “Where are they now?” style show in a few years...

Puttin' the end on a career.

Wait... What the hell am I talking about? Why am I pretending like I care? I wasn’t even aware they were still together until today... I thought they had hit their peak in the mid-nineties, packed up and headed in the the sunset before 2000 like the Spice Girls and Tu Pac... looks like I missed out on the action... and, wait... they’re not actually gay... shit, I’m too lazy to even rewrite this post. I guess that means you're just gonna have to get your gay cowboy fill from Brokeback Mountain. Oh well... Taylor Swift or Garth Brooks will pick up the slack, besides I don’t like popular country music.