Battle of Who Could Care Less: Cubs vs. Mets

August 28, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

When two teams with the largest payrolls in the National League play each other late in the season, one would assume there to be excitement in the air, a buzz of playoff contention, the anticipation of every pitch becoming a season-changing play.

When those two teams are the Cubs and Mets in 2009, replace the excitement with the smell of your grandpa's 30 year old recliner seat cushion full of stale beer farts. And that buzz isn't postseason related, but actually due to you still being drunk this morning after another long night of sad bastard drinking.

The anticipation of every pitch however, is that it could draw us one out closer to the slow agonizing death that has been this season.

I'll admit that even this week I still had a small flicker of hope left for 2009. A long home stand starting off with a visit from the Nats. Yeah, a good string of wins here and it could be an interesting September. Then Washington took that small flicker, stomped it out, and pissed on the ashes.

"I don't care any more."

I've heard this from a handful of Cubs fans now. Others maintain an undying optimism, that's one part endearing and one part annoying vapid emptiness. I claim neither. I'm optimistic for next season yes, always will be. But I also know this season is toast. I never stop caring though, it's just right now I'm caring a whole lot less than I did a couple months ago.

Today's game features Ted Lilly against Pat Misch. I expect Lilly to go out and dominate for at least 6 innings before the precarious crapshoot the Cubs bullpen has become tries to keep things in check.

I expect Milton Bradley to strike out looking at least once which will draw a deluge of boos from the crowd. At this point I have no qualms with the boobirds expressing their anger and frustration with Bradley. I defended him all season but every time he opens his mouth the need I have to justify him dissipates more and more.

I expect the Cubs to win 2 of 3 in this series, because one of the Mets' no-name starters will more than likely baffle the offense.

Nelson Figueroa
is starting Sunday for the Mets. Jesus, at least our injury situation hasn't been THAT bad.

Also look out for Chaim Witz in the bleachers today. He'll be the one heavily drinking and crying, neither of which have anything to do with the Cubs play. That's just his daily ritual. Today he's just giving the public the chance to see him do it out in General Admission.

Rockies in 6!