Kubs LIVE! From The Kremlin (Delayed Broadcast)

August 07, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

Good Afternoon Komrades

Today z glorious Kubs of Chikago take on z Cincinnati Reds in z home of Communism, Great Amerikan Ballpark, alzo known as z Kremlin. Duzty Baker will be eating z finest borsch in preperationz for z battle.

In all seriousness Tuesday the Cubs ('Mericas Team) played the Reds. Making it a family affair (3 Generations of Cubs Fans) we battled through Noah and the Ark like floods and Kentucky's finest construction crews to get to Cincinnati. (In case you missed it Louisville was underwater for most of the day)

Now since this is Friday and you know what the score was, you know that the Cubs dominated the Reds from the second pitch of the first inning (where Kosuke hit a nice dinger into left) so I will attempt to review the ballpark.


For food the ball park was actually reasonably priced. They had your typical fare (burgers, dogs and beer) and on top of that Penn Station, Chicken Strips and enough Skyline to make drunks hurl. I opted for the Chicken Strips for $9 with 4 strips and fries, which I thought was reasonable. My dad got a hamburger for the same price that was fully dressed and actually looked like it was made of real cow, surprising for Communists.


Since the Reds are a Budweiser team you can get Bud Light everywhere, but when it comes to other beer (like Miller Lite) you have to go to a special kiosk to get it. While I'm still personally not a fan of the two beer per customer limit, they resolve the issue with a steady stream of "Rocket Men" who have tubs filled with beer and other assorted ball park treats. I also discovered that they have fake micro-brew like Shock Top and your very common but imported Guinness. I got a Shock Top late in the game prior to the 7th, but it was $9 which I felt was a little much.


Minus the fact that it rained, the chair back seating was nice and we had a completely unobstructed view of the diamond, we even had a usher wipe off our seats for us. The seats were roomy and fairly comfortable for three guys, but if you're over 300 lbs, you won't be happy.


OK, so its not exactly Wrigley, but its close... there were easily more Cubs fans at the game then there were Reds fans. Most of the fans were Chicago transplants or from that region of the world, which made it interesting.

So all in all Great American is a nice park, its cozy with lots of convenient parking (unless you park by the river when its flooding) and has a good atmosphere that I recommend.