TMS Endorses Angel Guzman

August 18, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Well it only took 6 blown saves and 12 home runs to finally get the point across that Kevin Gregg should not be our god damn closer.

Unfortunately there's not much else available for alternatives. The fact that Carlos Marmol or John Grabow are even being considered for closing duties would be laughable if I wasn't already scared shitless that it could become a very real possibility.

The term 'effectively wild' has been used to describe Marmol in the past. I think the 'effectively' part can be omitted at this point. Perhaps a move to AAA would serve Carlos better, not a move to the 9th inning.

John Grabow has utility as a lefty reliever, but nothing has made me want to see the Cubs put a 2-1 lead in his hands in the 9th.

At this point you have to give Guzman a chance as closer. He's been the most consistent reliever in the pen overall this season and if he proves himself, he could cement his role in the future at the very least as the Cubs set-up guy.

And to think last week I scoffed at the notion of the Cubs reaching out to John Smoltz as a possible closer. It's too bad there weren't any decent closers available at the trade deadline. Oh wait....