The Intern Soapbox

August 28, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Zachary Kenitzer

Forgive me while I climb onto this small Soapbox...

So earlier this week I was in the car listening to NPR talk about how, while large newspapers are dying while smaller "farm-league" and "fringe" publications, blogs and podcasts are beginning to take a serious look at presenting and reporting on "the news" as they see fit. This made me think very carefully about the future tenure I might be given at TMS, would we, the gaggle of bawdy, lewd and drunk bloggers, become a legitimate news organization that provides fans with an insight into who the next starting line up of the Cubs could be? Could we sway the opinions of Cubs fans throughout the US? Could we really get the Monopoly Man fired?

As the story began to develop on the radio they talked about how organizations like the AARP and the Heritage Foundation both have developed newsletters or blogs to detail their positions, publish articles that support them, and publish editorials and outside commentary (naturally the commentary usually takes a "issue" with the articles, but they are profoundly simple issues that are easily rebutted, hence fortifying the original position taken). Could we at TMS start a movement to rename Wrigley Field to Murton Memorial? Could we become the angel (or demon) next to Lou's ears and tell him to start Matt Murton to return the Thunder? Could we make a plausible argument to remove grass and dirt from Wrigley and replace it with Astroturf made from afro wigs? Could we put Ginger Russ on the TV Show Hells Kitchen? Could Death League become Americas next Pastime? Could we propose "Baseball Shorts" again?

Starting to sound scary isn't it...

What could TMS do if we had the power that places like CBS, ABC, or the Tribune do. Could we conceivably take over the world? *Insert Evil Laugh Here*

But alas, to you loyal legions of readers, fellow food snobs, alcoholics and downtrodden fans I don't think you have anything to worry about, for TMS will never be a "legitimate" news organization that presents the news with no commentary. We will always be opinionated. We will always be hammered drunk and we pledge to never replace the field at Wrigley with Astroturf made from afro wigs.

I will now step down from my soapbox and reassume my intern duties... being the only college student here I was upset when the Communications department didn't call it a "real" internship because someone wouldn't sign the slip nessecary for me to get credit.