Koyie Hill Appreciation Society: 32 Hits & Counting

August 04, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

It's been kind of a rough stretch for the Bionic Man. He's sporting a .204 average and has struck out 53 times in 50 games. Hill remains the only catcher on the Cubs active roster, save backup Jake Fox, and he continues to grind it out behind the plate. This is really where Hill has shone. In 393.2 innings, Hill has allowed one past ball and nailed 13 of 30 would be base stealers. He's currently sporting a .995 fielding percentage. Man, if only he could hit a little bit more. Since Geovany Soto went down, Hill has caught 207 innings, the most in the majors. Koyie is hardcore, folks. Soto will hopefully rejoin the Cubs on Friday, at which time Koyie will get some much deserved time off to get his titanium knees rebuilt and his Luke Skywalker hand recalibrated. It should also give him plenty of time to track down Leo Nunez. I would make sure I would look both ways before crossing the street, Leo. And watch your back, because Koyie's coming for you.

Koyie Hill Fast Fact:

Koyie Hill's dick is so big, it has its own dick. And even Koyie Hill's dick's dick is bigger than your dick (Plus its caught a few games at the AAA level and is just waiting for its big break).