Cubs of Yore: Doug Dascenzo

August 06, 2009 | Comments (0) | by The Hundley

Nickname: Lil' Doug

Played for The Cub: '88 through '92

Random Write-up: What can you really say about Lil' Doug? He was a fan favorite and definitely a favorite of Harry. The guy was usually utilized as a defensive replacement in late innings or to provide some speed on the bases. Doug played for mostly underachieving Cub teams with the exception of the miracle year of '89. I'll be realistic, I had to do a bit of research to get things to say about Doug. The one thing I remember distinctly was The Dibble Game. Lil' Doug dropped down a bunt and Dibbs was so pissed that he took the ball and soaked ol' Doug right in the back on purpose. The Nasty Boy received a suspension for that chicanery.

A funny story I uncovered on Doug came courtesy of The Bullpen Wiki: Once, a Chicago newspaper at the season's all-star break asked the players on both local teams to give themselves a grade based on how they played so far on the year. Dascenzo gave himself an A+. He may have been the only player on either team to do so. He said he was doing exactly what the team wanted him to do.

It's that kind of moxie that kept him in the bigs!

What the hell?: Some of you Cub diehards may remember when Doug would come in and pitch in blowout losses. I know what you're thinking...Jose Canseco and all the other non-pitchers who came in and got shelled. Don't assume it happened to Lil' Doug. Career pitching numbers: 4 appearances, 5 innings pitched, 3 hits given up, 2 walks, 2 K's, NO EARNED RUNS. Maybe Zimmer should have pitched him more?

Also of Note: Career (estimated) earnings of $955,000.00 -- not bad for a utility guy, eh? Back in November of aught six, Doug was named coach of the Ft. Wayne Wizards, replacing Randy Ready. And that meant lucky Quad Citians like myself could go down and watch an ex-Cub manage against our team, joining the likes of Ryne Sandberg, Jody Davis, and Mike Harkey - all who've been A-ball managers. And really, isn't it the little reasons like that that you go to watch an A-ball game?