Dude, You're NOT Horrible

August 02, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

I'm going to respectfully disagree with my colleague Chaim Witz here.

First off, Milton Bradley has hit .289 since the All-Star break and in the month of July had 23 walks and 17 strikeouts. Oh no, he hasn't gotten RBIs! So Mike Fontenot has 6 more RBI than him. Big deal. Fontenot also carries a .678 OPS which is absolutely atrocious. Yeah he hits .203 with RISP, but you fail to mention that he's got a .415 OBP as well. So maybe he doesn't knock in runs every time but I'd still rather have him up in that situation instead of Fontenot or someone that is likely going to strike out or groundout. Bradley can at least *GASP* "get on base" to keep the inning alive.

He doesn't get enough RBIs? Do you bother looking at his career numbers? The most RBIs he's ever had in a season is 77 and that was last year. The Cubs pay him because he's an on base machine, not because he's a power hitter that brings in runs, and to think that he should be doing as such is foolish at best.

Bottom line is that Milton Bradley started the season in a massive slump, but folks can't seem to notice that said slump is pretty much over. He's doing exactly what Milton Bradley does and yet he still continuously gets shit on. Is it because he comes off as an crazed angry black man? If Mark DeRosa put up the same stats I would guess that Cubs fans would blindly dry hump the ground he walked on.

Senator Dick Durbin also approves of Milton's play.