TMS Fantasy Football 2009 Rankings: Quarterback

August 05, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

It's time once again for my annual fantasy football rankings. Today I'll start with quarterback. Obviously an all-important position for your team and a common one folks tend to panic and reach for come draft day. Luckily I'm here to help.

Wait, so do I draft a QB in the first round?
Eh, depends. I'm still a firm believer in drafting a solid RB first, but if you're in a bigger league and have a late pick it may be worth taking a QB if the top RBs you targeted are gone. That being said if you can't get someone named Drew, Tom or Peyton, don't bother. Wait, I repeat WAIT for a while and target for a QB in the 5th or 6th round. I guarantee someone will still be around that will be a more than suitable starter for you. Focus on getting your top RB and WR spots filled in the first few rounds.

So who wouldn't you pick?
Eli Manning. I won't lie, I hate Eli more than cilantro. Well maybe that's pushing it. I hate him slightly less than cilantro. Either way, Eli's overhyped "talent" does not equate well in the fantasy world. Yes I have him ranked 15th, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't still consider taking guys ranked lower on just a gut instinct when I'm on the clock. Besides, blindly following any cheat sheet as gospel is asinine, even if it's one you've created yourself.

Who would you take later in the draft for a #2 QB?
Sage Rosenfels. He's been around the league for quite a while now and is finally getting a chance to be the #1 starter for a team. This may the first and last time I endorse an Iowa State alum for anything, ever.

What about rookies?
What about them? I'm sure the success of Matt Ryan is going to have folks thinking about Mark Sanchez or Matthew Stafford for their team. Matt Ryan was the exception to the rule. Unless you're in a keeper league and can stash one away for next season, I wouldn't bother on draft day.

Wait, let's back up. You want me to wait if I can't land one of the top 3 QBs right away?
Yes, I'm serious. Look at the top 14 QBs listed. I could live with any of them as my starter. I assure you one of them will still be available come round 5. If not then you're probably in a league of morons and you will still win since you drafted 3 kickass RBs and 1 kickass WRs at that point. Then just draft Sage Rosenfels later and call it good.

Jay Culter or Kyle Orton?
I'm partial to diabetics.

Is drafting a Buffalo QB ever a good decision?
If it were 1991, then yes.

(4 months from now) Dude this advice was bullshit. Sage Rosenfels sucked and Eli Manning ended up being the best fantasy QB of 2009.
But at least you failed with dignity.

Now here are the rankings. If I get a chance I may post an update later this month.


1. Drew Brees, NO
Matt Hasselbeck, SEA
2. Tom Brady, NE
Kyle Orton, DEN
3. Peyton Manning, IND
Trent Edwards, BUF
4. Aaron Rodgers, GB
David Garrard, JAC
5. Philip Rivers, SD
Jason Campbell, WAS
6. Kurt Warner, ARI
Joe Flacco, BAL
7. Tony Romo, DAL
Jake Delhomme, CAR
8. Donovan McNabb, PHI
Chad Pennington, MIA
9. Jay Cutler, CHI
Shaun Hill, SF
10. Matt Schaub, HOU
Brady Quinn, CLE
11. Matt Ryan, ATL
Marc Bulger, STL
12. Carson Palmer, CIN
Sage Rosenfels, MIN
13. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
Kerry Collins, TEN
14. Matt Cassel, KC
JaMarcus Russell, OAK
15. Eli Manning, NYG
Mark Sanchez, NYJ

On the edge of the radar: Matthew Stafford DET, Byron Leftwich TB, Daunte Culpepper DET, Luke McCown TB, Kellen Clemens NYJ, Derek Anderson CLE