Bartender Banter: Tony Homo Forever

January 08, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

For the last few weeks our site has received a good share of hits from people googling "Tony Homo", after the Governor's succinct War Criminal piece. At one time we were actually the top site listed in the search. Then recently I checked back and we were bumped down the search list by a blog entitled none other than "Tony Homo". This glorious blog was written entirely from the viewpoint of Dallas QB also-ran Drew Bledsoe. It looks as if the Tony Homo experience has officially ended though, following the homo-tastic finale Saturday in Seattle. Since then the author has moved on to his new site "Straight Cash, Homey". Anyway, if you have some free time, check it out and relive the majesty of TonyHomoMania '06. You can conveniently find it currently as our LF Link of the Week.

TMSSS2000 Works!
Well sort of. Both teams didn't cover but they did both win, and Tony Homo did fumble to end it for the Cowboys just like in the sim. I'll take that as a successful prediction, meaning you can look forward to some more glimpses into the super pixelated crystal ball later this week. I'm not sure if I'll do all the games but rest assured, the Bears-Seahawks will be examined.