Super Bowl Shuffle

January 21, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Bear Dignity!

What a weekend. First and foremost, DA BEARS will be taking on my nemesis Peyton 'Where's the Chin?' Manning in the Super Bowl! Setting me up for either orgasmic euphoria or suicide watch. We can only hope the 'Monsters of the Midway' version of the Bear's defense decides to show up and that Rex Grossman doesn't completely suck (we can at least hope for only a 'partial-suck', like we got today). We need a mean, angry bear. Like the one that ate Timothy Treadwell in "Grizzly Man".

Secondly, there was the surreal experience that was the Cubs Media Social Friday afternoon. Yes, we talked to Thunder Matt Murton. We even gave him the website and got our photo taken with him. And yes, he liked the nickname. So Matt, if you actually didn't tear up the card I gave you and are reading this (highly unlikely), welcome to your home. You are safe here.

More photos (courtesy of a last minute, $25 disposable camera) and stories to come shortly. Suffice it to say it was a wild hour an half, complete with an impromptu adoption of Dutchie Caray as our surrogate grandmother, party plans with Mike Bielecki, a quick snapshot with Ryno and talking shop with Len Kasper, among other things. Oh yeah, and Dwight Smith.

Anyway, go Bears! One side note...I love how secretly disappointed you could tell all of the sports pundits and announcers were that the Saints didn't win. But as Tommy Buzanis aptly noted, "Hurricane Katrina? What about the Great Chicago Fire of 1871? Our city was totally destroyed. Not even one mention. Where's the love?"

Well played indeed.