So I guess I should wear pants...

January 16, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Oh how the stars have aligned. Being the powerful and attractive man that I am, I was able to secure two tickets to this Friday's Cubs Media Social, which is the annual event that kicks off each Cubs Convention. The event is held for all media and Cubs sponsors as an opportunity to mingle with players and enjoy free appetizers and booze courtesy of the Tribune Company.

In case you were wondering, I am neither with the media, nor do I work for a Cubs sponsor. I'm just extremely lucky. Along for the ride with me will be frequent 'commenter', soon to be bartender, and legend in his own mind, Tommy Buzanis.
When I asked who exactly would be at this shindig, I was simply told 'everybody'. When I pressed for names, I got a 'dude...everybody'. So we shall see. I'm not sure what we will even do when we get there. I imagine Tommy and I will hang near the bar and talk about what we would say to certain players had we the intestinal fortitude. Then of course will come the joking around about 'What if I was so drunk that I just randomly chestbumped Jason Marquis?' phase, followed by me actually getting drunk enough to follow through and Tommy taking his shirt off and singing the 'Go Cubs Go' song.

Perhaps the stars will align and I'll have just enough liquid courage to tell Matt Murton about our humble blog. Upon which, born again Christian that he is, he immediately has it shut down and sues us for defaming his name.

So make sure to check back this weekend for all of the exciting (or painfully mundane) details.