Mile High Minute...Manboobs Addendum

January 22, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Lucky you...I forgot to comment on the resignation of Coach Manboobs so you get another Mile High Minute. Its just as well, since I haven't done one since Christ lost his shoes.

We were all shocked today when Bill Parcells walked away from the Cowboys before his contract was done (sarcasm so thick you can cut it with a knife). Its not like he's done that before or anything...So I guess if you like press conference reactions more staged than American Idol, its a bad day for you.

With Manboobs now officially having "retired" more times than Barbara Streisand, the Cowboys are in search of a new coach. For reasons unknown, I'm already hearing Wade Phillips' name being mentioned. I guess people think the 5th time will be a charm with Wade, who previously failed as the coach of the Saints, Broncos, Bills, and Falcons.

A couple notes on Wade Phillips: He has the odd distinction of being succeeded as head coach by both Jim Mora Sr. and Jim Mora Jr. and his daughter Tracy played a hot dead goth chick in the My Chemical Romance video for their song Helena.