Chip's Playoff Picks: Round 2, Part 2

January 11, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

OK, so after those two so-so games, the TMSSS2000 really redeemed itself with the next two.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Chicago Bears

This is the game I cared most about. Was 8-bit Rex Grossman going to keep his head on straight and lead the Bears to victory? Or would Seattle squeak by with yet another postseason win?

Seattle starts the game on offense and pretty much goes nowhere. Hasselbeck is sacked once by Adewale Ogunleye. Seahawks punt.

On the ensuing drive, Chicago plays it safe running the ball mostly with the occassional short pass from Rex. The series ends with an amazing run by Grossman who keeps the ball and takes it 15 yards for a TD (0-7 Bears).

Seattle still can't get anything going on offense as they punt yet again just before the end of the 1st quarter.

At the start of the second quarter, the Bears drive into the red zone yet again. Grossman then proceeds to overthrow his receiver in the endzone twice, and Chicago settles for a field goal from Robbie Gould (0-10 Bears).

Seattle finally gets things moving on their next drive and looks to be making their way to the endzone. That is until two straight sacks from Ogunleye and Brendon Ayanbadejo halt the Seahawks progress. Josh Brown hits a 43 yard field goal (3-10 Bears). The clock runs out on the Bears drive and we head to halftime.

At the start of the second half, disaster nearly strikes for the Bears as return specialist extraordinaire, Devin Hester fumbles the kickoff. Chicago manages to recover.

As the Bears drive yet again for a score, Grossman overthrows yet another receiver in the endzone, this time a wide open Desmond Clark. The TMSSS2000 seems to have calibrated itself pretty well for ol' Sexy Rexy. Grossman does connect on a screen pass to Thomas Jones who trucks his way in for the TD (3-17 Bears).

Seattle's chances for a comeback take huge blow when Shaun Alexander is stripped of the football. Chris Harris recovers and the Bears are on offense once more.

On 3rd and long, Grossman connects with Muhsin Muhammad for another Bears touchdown as the 3rd quarter comes to a close (3-24 Bears).

Seattle pretty much needs a miracle to win at this point, and they're not getting it. Urlacher sacks Hasselbeck and the Seahawks fail to convert on fourth down. The Bears run the ball down to the 8 yard line before settling for another field goal from Gould (3-27 Bears).

In the most exciting play all game, Shaun Alexander breaks away and runs 72 yards for a TD (10-27 Bears). Seattle fails to recover the ensuing onside kick as their hopes of some miraculous comeback are dashed. The Bears run the clock out and win the game 27-10.

Well this result has me pretty pleased. The Bears defense stifled the Seahawks, only allowing 3 first downs. Player of the game goes to Rex Grossman who managed not to fuck up the game and even threw for two touchdowns as well as running for another. If one thing is incorrect about this simulation it's the lack of a Grossman turnover. The guy is guaranteed to fumble or throw a pick at least once.

New England Patriots vs. San Diego Chargers

This is probably the marquee game of the four. The Chargers look like the best team in the league, while the Patriots have been tough to beat in January. This one was a doozie.

I think the one thing that I found more amusement in than I should've, was seeing the Patriots play in their pink jerseys. I'm not sure why Tecmo decided to use this color scheme for them. It would've been just as easy to give them red jerseys. Eh, enough of this digression, on with the game!

The Chargers were all business to start, driving down the field with ease. LaDainian Tomlinson scores on a TD run (0-7 Chargers).

The Patriots can't seem to find a similar rhythm as they're force into a quick 3 and out. 8-bit Belichick seems perturbed in his cropped-sleeve pink hoodie.

Once again, the Chargers march down the field and score. This time Philip Rivers finds Keenan McCardell for a 24 yard TD pass (0-14 Chargers).

Early in the second quarter and a frustrated Tom Brady can't seem to get anything going. He's sacked once by Shaun Phillips and the Patriots have to punt again.

Finally things turn for New England as Tomlinson fumbles on a sweep. The ball is recovered by safety, James Sanders and returned for a TD (7-14 Chargers).

The Patriot defense seems to have gained a little steam with that fumble as Richard Seymour and Tedy Bruschi both pick up sacks. The momentum is short-lived as Tomlinson breaks through for another TD run, redeeming himself after the turnover. The 2nd quarter winds to a close (7-21 Chargers).

As the second half begins, Brady and the Patriots offense seem a little more in sync as they finally manage a successful drive, capped off by a short TD pass to Laurence Maroney (14-21 Chargers).

Hey Tom. You sure look purdy in your pink uniform!

As the Chargers take possession it appears the Pats defense is pumped up as well. Richard Seymour manages to sack Rivers twice as the Chargers are forced to punt for the first time today.

Facing tough pass coverage, Brady takes matters into his own hands, running for two consecutive first downs and into Chargers territory. The drive stalls after Donnie Edwards and Jamal Williams break through the line for sacks. The series is salvaged with an amazing 55 yard field goal from Stephen Gostkowski (17-21 Chargers).

Belichick decides to roll the dice in the fourth quarter and kicks an onside. Patriots fail to recover and now the Chargers have excellent field position. 8-bit Bill's pink hoodie seems to be cutting off the circulation to his brain, thus affecting his judgement.

San Diego plays it safe, running the ball down into the redzone. Aligning themselves with another score to put the game further out of reach, Rivers throws an errant pass in the endzone that is picked off by Asante Samuel. The Patriots are still alive.

Exuding the confident swagger that he's known for, 8-bit Brady commands his troops down the field, mostly on short passes to Maroney and Dillon. Then, from the San Diego 42, Brady launches it to a wide open Reche Caldwell who.....drops the ball in the endzone. Caldwell is in disbelief as his freakishly big eyes are now the size of Japanimation characters'. Unfazed, Brady continues to lead his team down the field, until Corey Dillon runs it in for a 15 yard TD (24-21 Patriots).

With a little time left on the clock, the Chargers try to at least get themselves into field goal range in order to tie it up. Rivers passes to Eric Parker who takes it to the Patriots 34 yard line. A time out is called with 3 seconds left. Nate Kaeding is sent in to make the game-tying kick and send it to overtime. The kick is up....and its....wide left! The Patriots win 24-21!

Unbelievable. Player of the game goes to the RB tandem of Dillon and Maroney, who racked up 190 yards on the ground.

That wraps up this week's picks. The TMSSS2000 appears to be a bit ballsier than last week so we'll see. He's been drinking a lot lately and trying to beat Ikari Warriors, but he refuses to use the A-B-B-A trick to come back to life so he doesn't get very far.