Off to the Convention

January 19, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

In a few short hours Tommy Buzanis and I will be making our way to the annual Cubs Media Social. 3:00-5:30. Tommy and I debated wearing full Cubs uniforms, including stirrups, with our last names emblazoned on back, but at the last second decided for a more conservative look. I will be wearing a Tommy Hilfiger blazer with no shirt underneath, leather pants and Teva sandals with socks while Tommy will be outfitted in a plain white t-shirt with a 'Hit It Here' bulls eye drawn in magic marker on the front, with tuxedo pants and bright red Air Jordan hi-tops.

We've also decided to forgo any autographs and go straight for the photos. Anybody can go just buy an autograph. Big whoop. A photo is more substantial. I've decided my top three photo ops would be Sandberg, Grace and of course, Murton. With Santo running a close fourth, followed by any members of the 84' Cubs, the more classic (Leon Durham) the better.

I'm under the impression that this is different from the actual convention in that it's more of a 'cocktail hour' where the players mingle with the media and sponsors as opposed to fat guys in old Nomar jerseys. Thus anyone with any 'icebreakers', feel free to suggest them.

I fear that my approach will closely resemble the Chris Farley Show.

"Hey. Uh...remember that time you...uh..shoot...remember when you used to play for the Cubs and hit homers and then the crowd would call you out for a curtain call...but you didn't want to, but then the other guys pushed you tipped your cap? (Uncomfortable, forced laugh) That was awesome!"

So check back this weekend (or if I'm lazy, Monday) for reports. And sometime next week, I will also get around to posting a long overdue Realm of Red column.