July 08, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

It just had to happen this way, didn't it?

So the good news...

We've officially got a Harden Hard-On. The Cubs traded for the Oakland ace today in a counter to the Brewers getting CC Sabathia. Coming with him is versatile starter/reliever Chad Gaudin. How's this sound for a short series:


See Jason Marquis' name on there anywhere? Exactly.

The bad news...Thunder Matt's days as a Cub are officially over. Matt Murton is gone. He will never blossom into the future Hall of Famer that we know he'll become as a Cub. But at least the kid will now get regular playing time.

Thunder Matt's Saloon will not be changing its name, so don't worry about that. And we knew this was coming eventually. Our official statement will be made available tomorrow morning.