Wrigley Roundtable

July 21, 2008 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

Once again it's time for our weekly segment in which we debate a selected matter of interest. The topics could range from the Cubs to baseball or other sports, to movies and music. Our panel of bartenders will weigh in, and we invite any of our readers to offer their two cents as well. So grab a beer and a handful of stale popcorn and tell us what you think.

Today's Topic: With Woody on the DL, will giving Marmol the role of the closer regain his confidence?

If you look at Carlos Marmol's season up until about a month ago he was a sure-fire all star. But things started to fall apart culminating in an epic collapse against the Giants where he faced ten batters in the ninth inning and wasn't able to strike anyone out surrendering a five run lead. A few days off for the all star break was just what the doctor ordered to give him a break and let him sort out his confidence problem. Then our very own Closerbeard had a blister flare up on his index finger so Marmol was bumped into the rotation.

So what happened? For those of us that actually fought through the entire train wreck of a game we got to see Carlos come out and throw some nasty stuff in extras and rack up two K's. It looked like he was back to his old self.

Now Wood is on the 15 day DL and Marmol has taken over the job of closer for at least the time being. Will a few good outings like his all star performance be enough to jump start his confidence back to form? Could this just compound the stress on his shoulders and make him go all LaTroy Hawkins on us? Will the delivery guy with my Thai food ever get to my office? Readers, I put it to you.