Celebrity NFL Picks Week 3 with Sarah Palin

September 18, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

The 2008 NFL season is finally upon us and in the tradition of the Wrigley 7th inning stretch, TMS will periodically bring in B-list celebrities none of you have heard of to provide NFL picks. Last week Bono went 9-6 (The Houston game didn't happen. Apparently they had a little problem with rain and wind.) leaving our celebrities a mediocre 18-13 on the year. This week, Republican vice-Presidential nominee and GILF Sarah Palin continues her string of hard hitting interviews by picking NFL games on a little read blog.

When asked if I would do the TMS weekly NFL picks, I said thanks but no thanks. None the less, here I am.

Kansas City at Atlanta
Two years ago, Tyler Thigpen was mayor of Snowshit, NE. Today he's the starting QB for the Chiefs! Yay!

Pick: Falcons 9 Chiefs 3

Oakland at Buffalo
Whats the difference between Al Davis and a pitbull? Lipstick. (what?)

Pick: Bills 27 Raiders 6

Cincinatti at NY Giants
I would totally leave the First Dude for Eli.

Pick: Giants 73 Bengals 0

Miami at New England
If I lived in Miami, I wouldn't need that tanning bed.

Pick: Pats 24 Dolphins 7

Houston at Tennessee
You can actually see Tennessee from Alaska.

Pick: Titans 19 Texans 8

Tampa Bay at Chicago
Kyle Orton knocked up Bristol.

Pick: Bucs 20 Bears 17

Arizona at Washington
Redskins? I'm not playing the race-card.

Pick: Cardinals 27 Noble Native Americans 18

Carolina at Minnesota
They have snowmobile races in Minnesota.

Pick: Panthers 21 Vikings 20

New Orleans at Denver
Shanahan's call to go for two was gutsier than picking an incompetent no-name like me for vice-President.

Pick: Broncos 31 Saints 21

Detroit at San Francisco
Detroit continues to say thanks but no thanks to winning.

Pick: 49ers 29 Lions 15

St. Louis at Seattle
Being a small town mayor is kind of like being the Rams quarterback, except you have actual responsibilities...

Pick: Seahags 35 Rams 7

Pittsburgh at Philadelphia
*Governor Palin has refused to pick this game calling it a partisan witch hunt. Therefore, I will pick it on her behalf...

Pick: Eagles 28 Steelers 17

Cleveland at Baltimore
Pick this game? In what respect Charlie?

Pick: Orioles 12 Cavs 10

Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Peyton Manning is a douche.

Pick: Colts 14 Jags 9

Dallas at Green Bay
Oh no! My teleprompter just broke. I'll just ad-lib. Uhh...uhhh...Mooseburgers!

Pick: Packers 34 Cowboys 31

NY Jets at San Diego
The name Ladanian is almost weird enough for one of my kids!

Pick: Chargers 41 Jets 17

Thank you Governor. That was awful.