E-Claire's Kollege Kegger

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Crack open a beer...Because college football season is officially underway! So each week, I will (attempt) to recap the best - and the worst - games for you in quick and easy fashion...Much like your girlfriend at a frat party...Zing!

Premium games on tap:

Bowling Green def. No. 25 Pitt 27-17: In this game, Pitt - a 13-point favorite - decided to play more like the Pirates than the Steelers, and were handed a 27-17 loss. Pitt rushed for under 50 yards in the final 3 quarters, and didn't score at all in the second half. As a result, Bowling Green got the first victory by a Mid-American Conference school in Pittsburgh, and beat a top-25 team for the first time since 2003. Nice upset by the Falcons.

UCLA def. No. 18 Tennessee 27-24 in OT: Are you kidding me? UCLA is playing without their top 2 quarterbacks, they lose 3 seniors to injury in the first quarter, and they STILL pull off the upset in overtime?! In the first half, UCLA quarterback Kevin Craft appeared to complete more passes to Tennessee than he did to his own teammates. But in the second half, he made an amazing turnaround - going 18-of-25 for 193 yards and one touchdown. And I have to give a shout out to Ryan Moya - who stepped up when UCLA needed it - and DeWayne Walker and the UCLA defense. Welcome to Westwood, Mr. Neuheisel.

Honorable mention: No. 24 Alabama def. No. 9 Clemson 34-10 (after this game, I heard Saban left Alabama to coach the U.S. women's handball team); Utah def. Michigan 25-23 (Michigan's comeback falls short); Stanford def. Oregon State 36-28 (fumbles will get ya); No. 6 Missouri def. No. 20 Illinois 52-42 (Juice Williams = good, Illinois defense = not so good).

Games that resembled the foam at the end of a keg of Natty Light:

Arizona def. Idaho 70-0: Holy cow. This game made Arizona look like a football powerhouse. It was the Wildcats' highest scoring game since Woodrow Wilson was president. That year, they won 74-0 over the Texas College of Mines and Metallurgy. But TCMM got the last laugh - as they became a powerhouse in competitive welding.

No. 4 Oklahoma def. Chattanooga 57-2: Did anyone watch the second half of this game?

TMS Alma Mater roundup (schools attended by TMS bartenders highlighted in green):

No 22 Penn State def. Coastal Carolina 66-10: With this win, JoePa ties FSU's Bobby Bowden for career victories.

No 16 BYU def. Northern Iowa 41-17:
Yes, UNI lost, but there is a silver lining: UNI alum Kurt Warner was named starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals' opener. Suck it, Matt Leinart...

Cal Poly def. San Diego State 29-27: San Diego State lost on a last-second field goal.

Iowa def. Maine 46-3: Do you think Iowa celebrated with a lobster dinner?

Florida State, Euerka College (yes, they have a football team), Purdue - DNP this week.