CoY Battle Royale Results: Ahmadinejad, I mean Keith Moreland wins!

June 18, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Yes it was completely legitimate.

Keith Moreland defeats Mark DeRosa 27-22

Dwight Smith defeats Turk Wendell 27-22

Glenallen Hill defeats Joe Borowski 42-7

Steve Trout defeats Mike Bielecki 33-15

So in the Final Four we will have Moreland vs. Smith, and Hill vs. Trout. Now on to the voter comments you kids seem to enjoy so much.
  • I know Dwight is a TMS Bartender fan-favorite, but I joined up after the fact, and I always bet on CRAZY. I'm hoping for a Zonk, Turk, Frankenstein, Trout final four. Oh, and sorry ladies, the Pulse should NEVER have made it this far. ~ Wolter
  • Enough with the mancrush on DeRosa....he's got to go down. Glenallen Hill is taking this shit.
  • Mark DeRosa IS from Valhalla. So far that trade looks pretty suspect. Glenallen Hill didn't need no steroids-other ballplayers inject his blood and get the same results as steroids. Dwight Smith-stay black. Steve Trout, just for his awesomely poofy website.
  • Why Glenallen Hill? Because fuck you, that's why.
  • I have no idea what I just did. I love America.
  • I remember reading an article about Bielecki in one of those glossy Cubs yearbooks you used to be able to buy at the park. In it, they revealed that the other players on the 1990 Cubs called him "Style Master". I like to believe that somewhere out there, on a dark street corner, there's a Style Master saying "$40, but I don't get in the back of a van."
  • Please, for the love of God, warn your readers. THERE IS NO CANDY IN STEVE TROUT'S WINDOWLESS VAN!!!
  • As much as Zonk was a part of my childhood, DeRo was/is definitely The Man. Dwight Smith deserves to move on because... aww shit, y'know. Once again, I am too scared to vote against Glenallen Hill. And Steve Trout's website is epic.
  • I voted for DeRo just so you would have to Machiavelli the results.
I could post the Final Four today or tomorrow but I'm too lazy. Look for it next week. Thanks for voting!