CoY Battle Royale Results: Zonk one step closer to world domination

June 01, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The second round matches in the Cardenal and LaCock regions have concluded and here are the results.

Keith Moreland defeats Brian McRae 23-8

Mark DeRosa defeats the Legend of Rick Wilkins 17-14

The #1 seed Moreland and #7 DeRosa will battle it out in the Cardenal regional final.

Turk Wendell defeats Kyle Farnsworth 20-11

Dwight Smith defeats Doug Dascenzo 19-12

Turk and Dwight will duke it out in the LaCock regional final.

Here were some comments for this round of battles:
  • I vote for McRae. He looks like Harold Reynolds a bit and was actually a good leadoff hitter.
  • Moreland better win. He's the reason that I thought "E5" was used for every error on the field. I think I was 12 before I figured out "5" was third base.
  • Gotta go with BMac. He was my favorite bland player of the 90s. Turk over Farnsworth if only because WGN was a hand away from showing Turk's turk on national TV. DeRosa over Wilkens because I don't believe Wilkins ever really existed. He's like a unicorn or a gay Republican: I just don't believe they're real. Dwight Smith because "Aww shit . . .you know" is the answer to life's greatest mystery. Why are we here? Right on, Dwight. Right on.
  • Anyone who doesn't vote for Turk is a damn Communist.
Luckily for that last commenter, democracy won.

Thanks again to all that took part and check back soon for the next batch of second round battles.