Thunder Matt's Saloon Summer Intern Program: Introducing the "Winners"

June 22, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Well after a long and grueling selection process we are proud to introduce the inaugural class of TMS Summer Interns.

These three gentlemen will be at the Saloon for the remainder of the baseball season doing all the menial chores that the established bartenders no longer care to do. Stuff like cleaning the toilets, fetching Chaim's tuxedo pants from the dry cleaners, rolling Tommy Buzanis to his side when he passes out on the floor every Tuesday, oh and of course, writing blog posts.

So without further ado, here are the new interns


Real name: Russell

Ginger Russ is from Northern Illinois originally but now lives in the desert of Arizona, despite the obvious danger of fair-skinned gingers bursting into flames. G.R. may also be TMS's first confirmed fanatic. So much so he created his own Cubs blog called College of Idiots in an attempt to be like us. In his free time, G.R. enjoys drinking vodka in the shade.

Real name: Zach

SbC hails from Louisville, Kentucky and is by far the youngest person to ever put on the TMS uniform (modeled here by The Hundley, the hat is optional). The name Surround by Communists is in obvious reference to there being a shitload of Reds fans where he resides, that and he's chapter president of the local Young Communists League.


Real name: Adam

Adam lives in LA and is an accomplished drinker. When not in an alcohol-induced haze he spends his time watching obscure horror films and attempting to legitimize his college degree in English Literature as he goes from temp job to temp job.

Let's give these guys a hearty TMS welcome, which of course means mock and ridicule them in order to mask our own personal insecurities and shortcomings.