CoY Battle Royale Results: Trout and Glenallen continue to obliterate everyone in their paths

June 05, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The matches in the DeJesus and Reuschel regions have concluded and thus completing the second round of battles. Here are the latest results.

Joe Borowski defeats Rey Sanchez 19-9
How? How does Sweaty Joe keep winning?

Glenallen Hill defeats Les Lancaster 23-6
No matter I guess as Sweaty Joe will face the unstoppable force of Glenallen in the quarterfinals.

Mike Bielecki defeats Kevin Foster 19-9

Steve Trout defeats Scott Sanderson 24-5
Bielecki and Trout will duel in the quarterfinals.

Here were some comments for this round of battles:
  • Joe Borowski because he was 'workmanlike'. Glenallen Hill because otherwise he'd kick my ass. Kevin Foster because I don't remember much about the other guy. Steve "Rainbow" Trout because he was a lefty like me.
  • I bet you a dead Kevin Foster could pitch better than a "live" Kevin Gregg. Too soon?
  • You gotta go with Sweaty Joe. And yes, I write jingles for a living. NOTE: Does not actually write jingles. Also, I'm going to vote for Sanderson because as a child I liked that fact that Sandberg, Sundberg, and Sanderson were all on the same team and looked vaguely similar. It was like they were separated at birth, but the abducting families felt bad enough about it that they gave them similar names.
  • I'll take Rey Sanchez over Sweaty Joe any day. I'm still too frightened of Glenallen Hill to vote against him. Kevin Foster was probably one of, if not the best pitchers on the Cubs teams of his era. That fact alone should make present day Cub fans happy we have the likes of Fat Z, Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster, Rich Harden, Randy Wells, and Sean Marshall.
  • Steve Trout looks like the guys on To Catch a Predator who show up at the house with McDonald's, Smirnoff, and a 30-pack of condoms.
  • Steroids or no, Glenallen's ridongulous homerun gets him my vote. Sorry Les, you would have leveled Sanchez or Borowski this round, but holy hell, Frankenstein *destroyed* that ball. ~Wolter
  • Trout will swim upstream with all these fools!
Thanks again to all that took part and check back next week for the quarterfinals and semifinals