The Gist: Game #Something or other, Cubs win in extras

June 03, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

That's how you win in extras. It was as if they tried to play a redo of last night's debacle that ended with a loss in the 12th, Randy Wells still searching for his first major league win despite pitching better than Jesus, and thousands of Cubs fans already packed on the train to DOOMsville meeting in the dining car for a mass cutting party (B.Y.O.Razor Blades of course).

Tonight saw Ted Lilly pitch like a champ and more importantly the bullpen held shit down for the Cubs offense to finally put another run on the board. Don't look now but Angel Guzman is becoming one of our most reliable relievers.

Random Notes:
  • Seriously, I know Lou doesn't call for the bunt a lot but holy shit can SOMEONE properly lay one down? Two straight nights with a bunt pop out to the pitcher is downright Neifi-esque.
  • I understand a lot of Cubs fans show up to Turner Field but could WGN/CSN not show the biggest douchebags on the planet whenever they pan to the crowd for someone in a Cubs jersey? I've seen more guys with gold chains, tattoos and mullets than at a Skynyrd concert. Southern Cub Fan is the Stephen Baldwin of the Cubs fan family.
Michael Stipe being doused with his daily bucket of AIDS
  • Chipper Jones can die of AIDS any time now. Maybe Michael Stipe can pour some on him.
  • Whatever happened to actress Moira Kelly? Remember her from 'The Cutting Edge' and 'With Honors'? I always found her oddly attractive.
  • Micah Hoffpauir with the game winning hit, and against a lefty no less! Now if we could just teach him what a glove is used for. Him and Jake Fox both.
  • BOBBY SCALES! Now more than ever.
  • Pirates fans are mourning the loss of Nate McLouth in the latest trade for prospects. Well I guess he was shipped out sooner than previous guys like Jason Bay or Brian Giles. Someday Pittsburgh will be good again and have the ability to retain their star players. Whether that happens in my lifetime......well?
  • First movie I watched on my new BluRay player: "The Fugitive". Yeah maybe it's not a true HD film or whatever but that flick still kicks ass. Harrison Ford did his own stunts in that shit. He needs a War Hero written about him at some point. Right after I get around to that War Hero: Hal Needham I suspect.
That's all I know for now. Rockies in 6!