50 States/50 Bands: NM to SC

January 14, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Suffering from insomnia one night, a vision came to me. It was, of course, not particularly useful. It was a vision of me recommending a musical act from each of the 50 states. More motivated than I have been in years, I sat down and hammered it out. Eons came and went. Civilizations rose and fell. Now I'm ready to share my baby with the world in five easy to digest posts. Naturally, the list reflects my own personal biases, so bring on the arguments. In some cases, there was no band or artist I liked from a particular state, and you can generally tell which ones those are.

Those download recommendations with an * can be heard on TMS Radio - so tune in and have a go.

*Note - TMS Radio appears to be fucked at the moment. These will be uploaded at a later time.

New Mexico - The Shins - I’m not familiar with their work. As far as I knew, a shin was a body part. Zach Braff told Chaim Witz to tell me they’re good though.

Download - Sleeping Lessons

New York - Ramones - The Ramones are one of the first American punk bands and they’ve influenced legions of followers. If you don’t know who they are, you’re dead to me.

*Download - Howling at the Moon (Sha-la-la)

North Carolina - Petey Pablo - Lots of famous names, but not much worth noting. The positively filthy rapper floats to the top of a pool that includes a bunch of flag waving hicks and lame asses like Ben Folds.

Download - Freak a Leek

North Dakota - Johnny Lang - I’d sing the blues if I lived in this frozen wasteland too.

Download - On My Feet Again

Ohio - Devo - What the hell was gong on here?

*Download - (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

Oklahoma - The All American Rejects - Would you prefer I went with Toby Keith? Perhaps Hanson?

*Download - Move Along

Oregon - The Decemberists - No, its not the same band as The Shins. Decent, inoffensive indie rock.

Download - Oh Valencia

Pennsylvania - Live - Radio quit playing them, but then again, radio blows. Lead singer Ed Kowalczyk made every effort imaginable to look like Michael Stipe for awhile. They’re probably the best band to come out of the alternative era.

*Download - Lakini’s Juice

Rhode Island - Talking Heads - Their connection to Rhode Island is fleeting, but its there. They formed at the Rhode Island School of Design in 1974. Good enough for me.

*Download - Road to Nowhere

South Carolina - James Brown - Did they bury the Godfather of Soul yet?

*Download - Living in America