Thunder Matt Contingency Plan

January 31, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

We've put it off long enough. The odds of Matt Murton being traded in the near future appear to be quite good, and it's time to address what will happen to the glorious blog named for the thunderous redhead.

First let's look at the possible moves. There's been three rumors that have been brought up as of late.
  • Trade Rumor #1: Baltimore - The ongoing offseason cocktease has been the rumors of the Cubs possibly making a move to land pitcher Erik Bedard and/or 2B Brian Roberts. Murton's name has come up as one of the possible bargaining chips.
  • Trade Rumor #2: Texas - Murton has been mentioned in a possible trade to land OF Marlon Byrd.
  • Trade Rumor #3: San Diego - Murton has drawn interest from Kevin Towers as he's looking for a corner outfielder. Khalil Greene could be the man the Cubs would receive in return.
As much as I don't want to see Thunder Matt leave, if it were to happen, I guess I'm pulling for the Baltimore deal in hopes that we could get another stud for the rotation or an actual honest to God lead off hitter, which is something the Cubs haven't had since 'Nam.

Khalil Greene is intriguing. Defensively solid, looks like Spicoli, good power with a low average opens up a possibility to become the Dave Kingman of shortstops. But the flip side of that coin is Thunder Matt would then be a Padre, which is a tough pill to swallow if I continue to root for him. Nonetheless the team comes first.

Why on earth would we trade for Marlon Byrd? I don't even have the energy to break this one down. Let's just move on.

So what will become of Thunder Matt's Saloon if Thunder Matt is no longer a Cub you ask? Well, we've laid out a handful of scenarios of what will become of this site.
  1. I will take a match to this site. Everything will be destroyed and we will disavow all knowledge that TMS or Matt Murton himself ever existed.
  2. We will renounce our fandom to the Cubs and join up with whatever team Thunder Matt ends up playing for.
  3. We change our name to Thunder Mats Saloon and follow the Toronto Maple Leafs instead.
  4. We sit in a dark room, drink bourbon and listen to "Deacon Blues" by Steely Dan on continuous repeat, as we contemplate where our life went horribly awry.
  5. We forge ahead as the same shitty Cubs blog we've always been. We'll still support Thunder Matt wherever he lands and I'll continue to put trophies up whenever he hits another home run.
I can't be positive which scenario we'll officially adopt, but my guess is it will be #3.