Overrated: Vampire Weekend

January 31, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Never heard of Vampire Weekend? Good. You should thank us.

Look, in case you haven't noticed, Thunder Matt's Saloon has become the cultural nexus of the internet. We're on an incredible run right now of letting you know what's hip and what's not before anyone else does. We consider ourselves the inventors of the "Say you're a blog about XXXX and then don't make any of your posts related to that theme!" style of blogging. And of course, there's the Mustache Diaries. What happens 2 weeks after Chaim grows out his beastly bad boy facial hair? Esquire tries to pretend they were the ones to announce that the mustache is "back".

With our fingers clearly on the pulse of pop culture (or sometimes deep inside said pulse depending on how much pop culture has had to drink...), we can tell you to just save yourself the time and avoid Vampire Weekend. When I got the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, they ran an article on how this band is the "next sure-fire big thing". The Chicago Sun Times made a similar claim. They also have a 2 page spread in the latest GQ. This band is everywhere, and it seems like they're not done yet.

Look, I listened to their CD and it wasn't bad. But it's not fantastic by any means. It's just about average, but average is not going to hold up under the pressure of being the "next big thing". Remember how The Strokes were set to assume that same mantle? How about The Arctic Monkeys? Sure you've heard of them, but did they live up to the crazy world-changing standards that were laid out for them?

So do yourself a favor and stay away from Vampire Weekend. Or do what we're doing and just start calling them overrated and beat everyone to it.

Plus, they aren't vampires. They don't even have the decency to dress all goth so they look even a little bit like vampires. I'm calling shenanigans!