Working on MLK Day? Boo....

January 21, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Corporate America doesn't care about black people.

Thats all I can take away from the phenomenon that has swept the nation: people are at work on Martin Luther King Day.

My last job was with a small company where the hiring was done by a batty old woman who probably still used the term "colored". There weren't any black people working there and the only latinos were exceedingly white. Given these facts, it wasn't much of a shock that we didn't celebrate the late Dr. King's birthday.

Since then, I've moved into the hellish and soul sucking world of corporate America. Eleven thousand employees in sixty countries, lots of lip service paid to diversity, but no MLK holiday. Wow...

Are we regressing? Twenty years ago Arizona lost a Superbowl because the gaggle of ninety year olds who ran the state refused to acknowledge Martin Luther King Day as a holiday. Today, its on the books in every state, but unless you work for the government, chances are you're sitting in your life crushing cubicle like me.

The Man is still alive and well. He runs corporate America and he runs the government. Its the perfect way for him to play good cop/bad cop. The Man in Congress can say, "Sure, here's your holiday Black America." Then The Man in a shadowy smoke filled board room somewhere can say, "Not so fast - we're still in charge here. Everyone is going to work to pay for my cokehead son's new yacht."

Is it really any wonder why race relations are still an issue when 99% white corporate board rooms can't even acknowledge a fucking holiday to celebrate a truly great man that brought our country out of the racial dark ages?

Eat my ass corporate America.