TMS Presents: Last Guy to the Party Cubs News

January 16, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Hey guys, did you hear? The Cubs might get Brian Roberts! And word on the street is that the Cubs might sell the naming rights to Wrigley. If all that weren't enough to make you literally rip your dick off your body, the Cubs Convention is this weekend!

Oh, you heard already? What? You checked our blog on a daily basis since the news broke last week, hoping to have a forum on which to discuss such titillating tales? Seriously? You finally gave up and decided to pledge your allegiances to Hire Jim Essian instead, given our recent track record of shoddy and uninformed reporting? I have to admit, you make some valid points.

What? No, sure. Go on. You don't give a shit about our taste in movies, music or books and think that I look like a 'gaywad' with a goatee? The new layout looks like it was designed by Poopypants McGee? You son of a bitch. I don't like you, but I respect your opinion.

Well, here you go. Let this be your forum to discuss Cubs news, both old and new. Actually, could you just break the news for us? In the comments section? Chances are we won't get around to it.

Yeah. I did steroids. I did steroids while I made love to your mother at the same time. Tricky, but doable. I also stole her wallet. I don't give a shit. I'm Brian Roberts motherfucker.