ThunderSim 2008: AFC Divisional Playoffs

January 12, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Alright, once again I've just ran out of time in getting the ThunderSim posts up. So here is yet another half-assed, "Mail it in" editions.

Spread: New England -13.5

I didn't expect this to be much of a game. 8-bit New England is just as dominating as the real team. I'm not sure they punted once in the entire game. If you were to play with this team against a buddy, I have no doubt that a controller would be thrown across the room after the third straight Brady to Moss TD.

I would expect the real Jags offense will be a little more productive, but that score isn't unreasonable.

ThunderSim's pick: New England -13.5

Spread: Indianapolis -9

It's the incredibly inconsistent Philip Rivers and the Chargers versus the less retarded Manning brother and the Colts. Excuse me while I go nap for a while.

I personally could care less who wins. I'm not a fan of the Colts and I'm not a fan of Norv Turner. Let's see how ThunderSim saw it.

Ha! You stay classy San Diego. I'd think they'd use LT a little more but even when they did he was pretty unproductive. Philip Rivers looked like garbage and threw two picks.

But let's not just rip on the Chargers. While Indy won, they had a few missteps. A lot of stalled out drives in between their good ones. I could see a possible ThunderSim of Indy vs. New England to be a big shootout however.

ThunderSim's Pick: Indianapolis -9

So ThunderSim is pretty comfortable with all home teams covering this week. We'll see how close it really is. Tune in next week where I'll have no excuse to not have a proper post up as there are only two games.