TMS Presents: Cubs News!

January 08, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

-The Hawk was denied his Hall pass yet again. Instead, the unwashed masses choose another closer. Yeah I know. The Goose earned his saves. He got over 50 of em' by getting at least 7 outs. But c'mon, first Eck, then Sutter and now Goose? What kind of mustachioed closer fetish does the Hall have exactly? That's like the NFL Hall of Fame just electing kickers every year. Nobody wants to see that.

Andre Dawson played the game the right way. And he did it as a paraplegic. The man essentially had no knees. But I'm not asking for a sympathy vote. He still managed to put the required offensive numbers and then some. If we're gonna let Ozzie Smith in for defense, lets not forget that Andre had a cannon for an arm and could cover ground with the best of them. And in this steroid, controversy-laden era, shouldn't his stats mean even more? Who am to say? I'm just a wayward blogger with a wannabe mustache that yearns for an upper lip like Goose's.

-Angel Pagan was traded to the Mets last week. In return the Cubs got a couple of minor leagues who will probably go the way of Ty Griffin. What does it all mean? Not much really. The Cubs outfield was more crowded than the Huxtable house at Christmas, so someone had to go. At least it wasn't Thunder. Get excited everybody. This could very well mean more pinch hit opportunities for the man whose name keeps this unholy site viable.