The Mustache Diaries - Day 17

January 16, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

In a futile and ill-advised attempt to gain the respect of firefighters and police officers everywhere, as well as to inject some much needed testosterone into my aura, I've decided to try to grow a mustache. I will chronicle the impending fallout. This is my story.

DAY 17

Comments: This may be the last day for the full goatee. I board a plane headed for California tomorrow to attend Brant Brown's wedding. Tomorrow night is the bachelor party. What screams 'crazy bachelor party' more than the over-hyped unveiling of a patchy mustache? That's right, nothing does. Seriously, this thing is like the Cloverfield of mustaches. Alas, it will probably be gone the next day, as I'm not one to try to steal Brant's thunder on his wedding day and sully all of his memories. I'm thinking fu-manchu though for tomorrow night. Any other suggestions? Pictures forthcoming, probably on Monday.