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November 25, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Albums of the Week is a recurring feature at Pomp Culture where we will select three albums for our readers to check out. To listen to any of the Albums of the Week just click on the links provided in the sidebar. Live streams of each album can be played in iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player. There is also a link to purchase music by the artists on Amazon, which I strongly encourage if you find something you like.

We're starting something new this week. From now on instead of just myself picking the albums, we will have various members of the Pomp Culture Collective make selections from their own music catalog.

Something Old - "Waylon Live" by Waylon Jennings
Released: 1976
Label: RCA
Genre: Outlaw Country

Submitted by: Chip Wesley

Look, I love Johnny Cash as much as the next person, but when it comes to Outlaw Country, Waylon Jennings was, is, and always will be king. Saying 'F.U.' to Nashville, Waylon took over his own recording rights and moved to Texas in the early 70's. The result was a bevy of kick-ass songs and the rapid expansion of the Outlaw Country movement.

This live album was originally recorded in 1974 and features Waylon in his prime. While you'll find a few of his classic tunes on here, the real treat is hearing him do some covers, such as "Never Been to Spain" and a haunting rendition of "House of the Rising Sun".

Tracks to stay tuned in for: T for Texas, Never Been to Spain, House of the Rising Sun

Something New - "Sycamore Meadows" by Butch Walker
Released: 2008
Label: R.E.D. Distribution
Genre: Indie Rock

Submitted by: Chaim Witz

Mr. Walker is quite the polarizing figure amongst the Pomp Culture Collective. Nay, I may be the only one who actually likes him. But like the kid who gets called a 'fag' for liking KISS in high school, I take my lumps and continue to hoist my lighter into the air. A poor man's Dave Grohl (minus the testosterone) Butch not only writes every one of his songs but plays damn near every instrument to boot. Each of his albums has a different feel and this one is no exception. Mixing influences like Petty and Springsteen with his own brand of pop rock to great affect, Butch has crafted his most personal album yet, recorded shortly after the California wildfires claimed his home and everything that he had. Like most of his albums, there are songs that should be huge hits but won't be. "Here Comes The..." is that song on this album.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Ponce De Leon Ave., The 3 Kids in Brooklyn, Summer Scarves

Something Different - "Original Soundtracks 1" by Passengers
Released: 1995
Label: Island
Genre: Experimental

Submitted by: Governor X

U2's underrated mid-90s exploration into different genres hit a bizarre peak with a collection of songs from mostly imaginary movies so strange they released it under a pseudonym. The Passengers (U2, Brian Eno, Luciano Pavarotti, and others) offers the listener everything from electronic instrumentals from a faux-film that per the liner notes, "exists in that underexplored territory between horror and comedy" to deep south porch music lamenting Elvis Presley's battle with his weight.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Miss Sarajevo, Corpse, Theme from Let's Go Native

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