Link Bulimia

November 13, 2008 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

There are many pleasant ways to wake up and face the day. The sound of birds chirping, the smell of coffee brewing, maybe a loved one dreaming/taking the money off the dresser and slamming the door as they leave unsatisfied. I prefer the sweet smell of bacon. However, you can have too much of a good thing. In this day and age of bacon candy, bacon band aids, baconaise, bacon salt, bacon logic, and even bacon bras I always wonder what I'll find next. That's when I found this:

Who keeps 5+ pounds of bacon on hand? How long would it take to cook all that? Does this woman smell like bacon all day long?

Anyway, as always if you find anything particularly depraved please pass it right along to Enjoy and make sure to wash your hands afterward.

This kid is well on his way to running for president in 2048. (Break)

The Japanese have cornered the market on school girl wrist cutters. (Gizmodo)

There is a lot of stupid exercise equipment out there. Tony Little, I'm looking at you. This might be the worst. Just run on the damn road instead. (YouTube)

Just as the weather is getting bad in Chicago, I see this and feel a little better. (Break)

We've all been here. We've all done this. What was the girl thinking? If you're going to spew, just spew on the floor. At least your hands will be clean. (YouTube)

Here a whole site dedicated to offices that are cooler than yours. Where you're sitting. Right now. Reading this. (Office Snapshots)

Worst. Fight Scene. Ever. I don't even know where to begin. The guy in the red wig at the end sure had some good one liners. (Funny or Die)

Mike Ribeiro is alright at hockey. (YouTube)

I do not think that means, what you think it means. (

Will Leitch recently did a series of posts over at Deadspin after watching the Cardinals on MNF from Rick's Cabaret. This is a follow-up with a quick run-down of strip club etiquette/know how from one of his friends. Read it. Learn it. Understand it. (Deadspin)

This ten year old rocked some Kansas and all she got was a fucking golf clap? I would have tried to adopt her. Excuse me for a second, I have to go introduce myself to all my neighbors. (YouTube)

And finally, one of my favorite stops on the interweb for the last few years has been Fire Joe Morgan. Inexplicably they announced that they're hanging up their gloves and calling it quits. Do yourself a favor and read some of their older stuff on Colin Cowherd. It'll be a shame to see them go, though I hope to see Ken Tremendous again as Dwight's cousin Moze on The Office. (Fire Joe Morgan)