Death League 2009

November 24, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

For those easily offended, it's best to probably stop reading this right about now. I'll wait for you to leave before continuing....

OK, for those of you that opted to stick around, prepare yourselves as Pomp Culture gives the finger to decency and good taste with....

Death League 2009!

For those of you that followed our stuff over at Thunder Matt's Saloon, you already know about the Death League. The official 2008 season ends on Thursday and unless someone drops dead before then, Governor Gray Davis looks to be the inaugural league champion.

But now it's time to defend that title. Coming back are all 8 members of last season (the Gov, Brant Brown, Dave Thomas, Chaim Witz, The Hundley, Daft Funk, Tommy Buzanis and myself) as well as three new people to the league (Lingering Bursitis, Jordi and Arcturus). Here are the basic rules and scoring system for Death League:

- Each member has a roster of 64 people which consists of 60 famous people aged 60 or older that were randomly assigned to them, as well as 4 wild cards that were picked in a special four round draft. The wild cards could be any famous person under the age of 60 as of 11/27/08.

- Each member scores points if one of his people go belly up. Points are awarded based on age and go as such.

Age 95-99 = 1 point
Age 90-94 = 2 points
Age 85-89 = 3 points
Age 80-84 = 4 points
Age 75-79 = 5 points
Age 70-74 = 6 points
Age 65-69 = 7 points
Age 60-64 = 8 points
Wild Card = 20 points

- The death 'season' begins the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) and will conclude at the end of Thanksgiving day 2009.

- The 2009 rosters are shown below. Click to enlarge. Wild Card picks are highlighted in green.
Good luck to all participants. I'll post the final results of Death League '08 next week.