Eulogies for the Eliminated: Thunder Matt's Saloon

November 06, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jordi

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to bury Thunder Matt's Saloon. Thunder Matt's Saloon now joins the rest of the blogosphere space trash, floating among the thousands of blogs that have been discarded, neglected, or killed off. Yet we still mourn.

To many, Thunder Matt's Saloon will stand as a monument of accomplishment, a testament to the creative powers of a cabal of writers linked by the love of a Red-Headed Messiah. They brought new ideas, fresh topics, and a perspective rarely seen among the cacophony of voices in the blogosphere.

Sadly, the creative genius behind Thunder Matt's Saloon deteriorated with the vanquishment of the Red-Headed Hero. When the promise of potential was packaged to the Pacific, the point of positive percolation peaked and perfidiousness became periodic. The mojo and the ability to rally around one common denominator was gone. They were all they had.

Yet still the core of Thunder Matt's Saloon pressed on. In a move reminiscent of Poochie, they added voices from around the world, much to the chagrin of their fanbase. By the time the dust settled, the love Thunder Matt's Saloon received was the love that was saved. The writing was on the wall and the end was nigh.

Although well-known in some circles, the reign of Thunder Matt's Saloon had run its course. So although many throughout the blogosphere have opted for blog suicide (yay!) and the idea of sabotaging the reader base until nary a soul remembers the glory, we bury Thunder Matt's Saloon on top, like a heroic cowboy riding in the setting sun. So pour out a little liquor, whether it be Night Train or champagne. Thunder Matt's Saloon, may you rest in peace.

Thunder Matt's Saloon is dead. Long live Pomp Culture.