War Criminal: Thunder Matt's Saloon

November 10, 2008 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

All good things must come to an end. As of Tuesday morning, Thunder Matt's Saloon will, for all intents and purposes, cease to exist. Though it will still float in cyberspace, it will no longer be updated. Our efforts will be directed to the much-mentioned Pomp Culture.

How do we, as writers, feel about the Saloon? We feel it is deserving of nothing less than War Criminal status. Allow us to explain...

Obviously this site was designed in honor of Thunder Matt Murton. Through little fault of his own, Murton was never able to consistently break through Lou Piniella's crowded outfield and gain consistent playing time. Apparently raw sexuality and Christian values do not necessarily equate to increased at-bats. With so few box score stats, discussion of Murton waned, until he was finally set free by the organization. As always, we wish Matt the best of luck in Oakland or wherever he may end up, and we will continue to follow his career, and possibly provide occasional updates in the Sports section of Pomp Culture.

The Saloon was a Cubs blog by default. While it achieved a modicum of success in the Cubs blogosphere, we never intended to be a definitive source of all things Cubs. Our interests are diverse and will be serviced better at Pomp Culture.

That being said, we truly appreciate all of the Cubs fans that kept coming back to the site, even if they were only met with postings on condiments or celebrity deaths. In particular we would like to thank Cubs beat writer Paul Sullivan, who gave our site a nod on several occasions, and even was so kind as to agree to an interview. Paul, you're doing a bang-up job, and we hope you find something worth liking at Pomp Culture.

So with all this sentimental nonsense, why would the Saloon be deserving of War Criminal status? One word: Money. The site never brought in a damn dime. Why in the world would we go through all this trouble for no money? Though not all of the writers will admit it, we hope that Pomp Culture will be more marketable so we can all make our millions of dollars and have Barack Obama take them away. Just kidding Barack. I can still call you Barack, right? Thanks for being a loyal reader.

With that, we close our doors. Thanks to all of you kind readers. Thank you again to Matt Murton for not suing us or serving us with a cease and desist order.

Visit us at Pomp Culture on Tuesday. Good night!