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November 11, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Albums of the Week is a recurring feature at Pomp Culture where we will select three albums for our readers to check out. Each week there will be a new album selected for one of three categories.

Something Old - This will usually be an album that has been out for quite a while (at least two years or longer). The purpose of 'Something Old' is to reintroduce ourselves to some music we may not have heard in a while.

Something New - This will include albums that have been released in the last few months. 'Something New' will give you a chance to check out a new album before you decide to drop some money on it.

Something Different - We're going to push the envelope a bit with this category and hopefully introduce you to some new artists or styles of music you may not have heard or even considered before. "Something Different' will cater to the more adventurous music fan.

To listen to any of the Albums of the Week just click on the links provided in the sidebar. Live streams of each album can be played in iTunes, Winamp, or Windows Media Player. There is also a link to purchase music by the artists on Amazon, which I strongly encourage if you find something you like.

Now let's get to this week's selections.

Something Old - "Core" by Stone Temple Pilots
Released: 1992
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Hard Rock/Alternative

With the opening lyrics and blast of guitar at the beginning of "Dead and Bloated", STP punches you hard in the taint and refuses to let up. Railed by the critics as being nothing more than Pearl Jam copycats, fans came out in droves for this album nonetheless. STP would move on to bigger and better albums, but this debut put them on the rock map and is still a good listen when you just want to tune out and listen to some straight up hard rock.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Sex Type Thing, Wicked Garden, Plush

Something New - "Dear Science" by TV on the Radio
Released: 2008
Label: Interscope
Genre: Indie Rock

"Dear Science" is the follow up to TV on the Radio's breakout smash hit "Return to Cookie Mountain". On this latest release, the band continues to explore the various sounds of post-punk, electronic dance, modern jazz and soul music. The result is a truly unique sound all their own. For me, this album took a few listens to truly get into it, but it has since jumped up the list as one of my favorites of 2008.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Halfway Home, Golden Age, Red Dress

Something Different - "Exit" by Shugo Tokumaru
Released: 2008
Label: Almost Gold
Genre: Indie Pop/Lo-Fi

I was in my car listening to XM, when I first heard "Parachute", the opening track on Shugo Tokumaru's latest album, 'Exit'. I tried my best to remember the artist's name until I could get home and look him up. After some quick and dirty Google searching and some spelling corrections I was fortunate to find this album. Shugo's amazing ability to layer instruments and experiment with melodies makes 'Exit' a beautiful little nugget of indie pop weirdness, and him Japan's version of Brian Wilson.

Tracks to stay tuned in for: Parachute, Clocca, La La Radio

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