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Crack open a beer...Because college football season is officially underway! So each week, I will (attempt) to recap the best - and the worst - games for you in quick and easy fashion...Much like your girlfriend at a frat party...Zing!

Premium games on tap...

TCU def. No. 9 BYU 32-7: Not only did TCU end BYU's 16-game winning streak, but they pretty much busted the Cougars' BCS hopes. TCU basically dominated this game from the beginning - they scored on their first 3 drives, 2 of which were directly off turnovers. Max Hall - who had only been sacked twice so far this season - was sacked 6 times, and threw 2 picks. He did, however, score the only touchdown for the Cougars - which didn't come until the third quarter. A nice upset for the Horned Frogs, and a bummer of a loss for BYU. Somewhere, Steve Young is crying...

Maryland def. No. 21 Wake Forest 26-0: Considering the score of this game, I'm sure you're assuming Maryland owned Wake Forest. And they did. The offense produced almost 500 yards, and obviously the defense did well - since they didn't allow any points. In fact, this was the first time Wake Forest has been shut out in 124 games. To see what a terrapin looks like, click here.

Virginia def. No. 18 UNC 16-13 in OT:
Although this game was kind of a snooze at the beginning, it had a pretty exciting ending. Virginia was losing 10-3 with about 2 minutes left to play, and then the offense put together an 82-yard scoring drive to send the game into overtime. Then, North Carolina kicked a field goal during their OT possession to go ahead 13-10...But Virginia one-upped UNC by scoring a touchdown during their OT possession to get the win. Somewhere, Michael Jordan is crying...

Honorable Mention: No. 2. Alabama def. Mississippi 24-20 ('Bama blew a big lead, but managed to hang on for the win. Somewhere, Eli Manning is crying); No. 13 LSU def. South Carolina 24-17 (LSU trailed at halftime, but scored 14 points in the second half to get the win); Boston College def. No. 17 Virginia Tech 28-23 (After trailing 10-0, BC scored 21 straight points, and hung on for the win); Arizona def. No. 25 Cal 42-27 (somewhere, Kyle Boller is crying...But that could be due to the fact that he's sitting on the bench).

Games that resembled the foam at the end of a keg of Natty Light:

No. 6 USC def. Washington State 69-0: The Condoms handed Washington State its first shutout since the 1980's. This was also the Cougars most lop-sided loss since they began playing in the late 1800's. Somewhere, Ryan Leaf is crying...But that could be due to the fact that he wakes up every morning and realizes he's Ryan Leaf.

No. 12 Ohio State def. No. 20 Michigan State 45-7:
Ohio State hasn't exactly been destroying its opponents lately, so I thought that this might be a pretty good game. I guess I was wrong.

TMS Alma Mater roundup
(schools attended by TMS bartenders highlighted in green):

No. 3 Penn State def. Michigan 46-17: Penn State continues to remain a title contender.

Northwestern def.
Purdue 48-26: Purdue looks to pick up its first Big Ten win next week against Minnesota.

Iowa def. Wisconsin 38-16: Iowa hands Wisconsin its fourth straight loss.

Northern Iowa def. North Dakota State 23-13: UNI's defense had 4 interceptions and recovered a fumble.

UCLA def. Stanford 23-20: UCLA scored a touchdown with 10 seconds left in the game to get the win. Apparently, Kevin Craft is only productive when running the 2-minute offense.

Euerka College def. Principia 47-19: Eureka produced almost 700 yards on offense? That has to be a typo...

New Mexico def. San Diego State 70-7: Oh dear...

Augustana def. Illinois Wesleyan University 21-13: This is only IWU's second loss of the season - and both of their losses have been decided by fewer than 10 points.

Florida State def. NC State 26-17: Florida State is now ranked.