Final TMS Link Bulimia

October 31, 2008 | Comments (0) | by White Chili

This is the final Link Bulimia for TMS so I've tried to go out with a little class. Actually, that's a lie; I have no class. I admit that I laugh at the dwarf who rides his tiny bike past my office every day. Look at his little legs go! But I'd like to think that he's laughing with me at the same time. Anyway, as always if you find anything particularly depraved please pass it right along to Enjoy and make sure to wash your hands afterward.

Good luck thinking about this song again without this popping into your head. (Break)

I have to admit, after reading this I really and truly think this could be how I die. If it is I'd like someone to carve "Big Stomach King" on my headstone or at least near my mass grave. (Yahoo News)

The Soviets successfully launched a pig in a rocket at some point before colorized film. Is it any wonder that they're still the most technologically advanced country today? (Craigblonde)

"And four years later I made Vertical Limit. 'Tang everywhere! Argh!" (It's Chris!)

The Onion had this strategy down 15 years ago. (The Jed Report)

This was rather unexpected. (Fox Sports)

Best. Costume. Ever. (Gizmodo)

This is every laugh I've gotten during a cooking show condensed down to 3 minutes. (YouTube)

For your consideration: Mr. John Tesh presents Roundball Rock! (Break)

I know this story broke a few days ago but I'd just like to go on record saying that I hope Samurai Mike remains a head coach for a long long time. (Yahoo Sports)

I KNEW this was what he was doing. For his next touchdown he needs to do the Masturbating Bear dance. (Shutdown Corner)

For Halloween, the ol' spider prank. Kudos to the guy wearing the "Jimmy" workout shoes. Protect this house! (Afrojacks)

Our very own Chaim Witz has crossed the line. (Craigslist)